Sakura Garden


A traditional folk song in Japanese sings and praises the sakura which means spring. NeoGames created this pokie inspired by spring that means the beginning of summer and this pokie will be the beginning of your wealthy wins. The game offers interesting play on three separate reels set up as 3 different games. The top reward is offered in the jackpot bonus round that rewards with 10,000 coins and the second highest win offers 2,000 coins.

Players will be able to play 3 pokies at a time in this game. There are 3 sets of reels each offering a single line and all using the game symbols. Players will be able to play multiple pokies or select one, which will be controlled by the way set. At least 3 coins will need to be wagered in a spin to achieve maximum winning possibilities. This bet will be shared among the 3 games and offer players a much greater chance to win. The game will also provide greater rewards when all 3 games are played together, which will be shown on the table to the right of the screen. Pressing spin will spin all 3 reels and when a combination displayed in the table lands on the reels the player will be awarded accordingly. Winnings are multiplied by 1 coin as each game uses a coin to be activate. Winnings are multiplied by the dollar value provided from $0.10 to $20.00.


Graphics & Theme

Spring is the most beautiful of the four seasons and the background offers great graphics to portray the new pink flowers in the Japanese garden. The garden also offers a beautiful lake with more trees in blossom on the other side with a notice board that offers the Sakura Garden logo. The reels is set in 3 different red building with the game numbers indicated in red on the roofs. A Japanese lady dressed in a traditional purple coloured outfit keeps her eyes on the reels while keeping players company. The symbols includes Japanese writing in red, pink blossoms on a tree branch, two golden coy fish swimming in a blue circle, green bamboo with leaves, an open red and white fan and a Japanese lady with blossoms in her neatly tied up hair.

Special Effects

Here players will not get any bonus games or features. The pokie will provide players with a massive selection of incredible rewards when playing with any amount of coins, but to get the best players will need to wager 3 coins per spin. This will increase the jackpot of the game from 1,000x to a massive 10,000x.


Wealthy wins is offered on the reels of the Sakura spring garden themed pokie with beautiful graphics that honours the beginning of a new season. The game offers a large selection of wealthy wins on the fast spinning reels and players will experience hours of fun with rich rewards.

Game Facts


Pokie Theme
Reels 3
Pokie Features None
Paylines 1 x 3 line
Bet Range $0.10 – $60.00
Maximum Payout 10,000 coins
Progressive jackpot No
Average payout 96.98%
Software Neo Games

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