Triple Carnival


NeoGames takes off to the carnival street vibes in Rio de Janeiro to select the most colourful display for this cheerful pokie. The game offers wins that puts players in a festive mood. The game consists of 3 pokies that offers the wealthiest wins. The jackpot rewards with 10,000 coins in the bonus round and the 2nd highest win offers a payout of 2,000 coins. The game offers colourful rewards with a wide variety of winning selections.

Players will be able to enjoy 3 pokies at the same time here, which will provide players with a wide selection of wager amount and winning combinations. All 3 reels will hold 1 line each, which means a minimum bet of 3 coins will need to be used per spin to keep all the lines active. The payout table will be found in the top right corner of the game to provide all the winnings with the combinations required. The game will increase the winnings when 3 coins are wagered to provide triple the usual payout and also give players the benefit of playing on all 3 reel sets. The payout table will automatically select the winnings players are in for to ensure players are always aware of the possible wins per spin. When a winning is shown the payout table will displayed the winning by highlighting the amount.


Graphics & Theme

The backdrop offers curtains in different colours on the large stage of the carnival and offers 3 ladies dressed to enjoy the festival with the first one wearing pink features the second one in orange and green and the third lady enjoys the bright look of her yellow outfit. The reels is offered in green frames that is clearly marked with numbers 1, 2 and 3 on the top of the reels. The symbols includes turquoise and pink sevens, green cocktails served with straws and lime slices, drums keeping the rhythm of the wins fast, red cherries with green leaves, double bar symbols, mask with different colour feathers and musical instruments. The functional keys is laid out on the carpet and offers convenient colourful play. The payout tables is displayed on the main screen and all payouts is separated in three colourful tables per coin bet with colourful symbol illustrations.

Special Effects

Additional bonus games are not featured with this game. Players will only have the ability to activate the massive payouts offered in the game. Get a combination on all 3 reels to achieve massive winning combinations. Also play with the highest coin value possible as all the winnings will be multiplied by the value selected. This means much bigger payouts will be made.


Have a fiesta of wins in a pokie that takes gaming to a whole new level of fun. The game offers huge wins on the fast spinning reels with vivid colours that brings a festive fun theme alive.

Game Facts
Pokie Theme Carnival
Reels 3
Pokie Features None
Paylines 1 x 3 line
Bet Range $0.10 – $30.00
Maximum Payout 10,000 coins
Progressive jackpot No
Average payout 96.99%
Software Neo Games

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