PPA Executive Speaks Out About Banning Online Poker

The Executive Director behind the Poker Players Alliance was at an Illinois State Assembly when he took testimony to the Illinois Executive Committee. During his testimony he noted that banning online gambling and online poker is a horrible thing for the economy, he also noted that banning online gambling across the board would allow for more criminal organizations to arise in the country.

John Pappas, the Executive Director for the PPA made a series of comments saying, “Prohibition only allows for more criminal activity to occur. When we banned alcohol there were hundreds of people making it illegal, the same applies for illegal drugs and if online gambling will be illegal on a federal and state level it will allow for more criminal activity in our country. I do feel like regulating online gambling would be a good thing and that the taxes would allow for players to be protected. States would also be able to provide better schooling systems, parks, roads and more through the tax revenue. Legal and regulated online gambling as a whole will better our country.”

Illinois State Assembly logo

During the testimony, State Senator for Illinois John Cullerton addressed Mr. Pappas testimony saying, “I support some form of an online gambling legislation and I hope that one day something such as that can be created to better the United States of America. That legislation though will be very hard to sell.”

He continued by saying, “It is hard to please everyone and there are those who feel like legal online gambling would only allow for more addiction to spread across the country. We need to find a way that allows for all parties to benefit from legal online gambling.”

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