Reasons why using self-exclusion is ineffective for problem gamblers

What in self-exclusion? Self-exclusion is gambling term is when a gambler excludes himself from gambling at betting bookmakers. Many have taken the self-exclusion method when they want to stop gambling for ever or for a certain time to just slow down. Bookmakers will allow an exclusion up to 5 years, which means they are not allowed to assist you once exclusions have been set, but unfortunately there are many ways around this, which I will explain below.

The self-exclusion system has a lot of flaws and is extremely difficult to police, even bookmakers themselves will admit to this. The exclusion is completed by signing a form from which booking houses you want to be excluded from, usually the form would insist on making you select another 3 booking house in the area you stay to make it easier for you to cut back, but things become difficult as there are many of these booking houses all over, which you may not have been excluded from, which means they will accept your bet.

self exclusion

A test has been completed at a number of booking houses where members who have been excluded manage to enter the booking house they excluded from and still place a bet. The form you sign is filed, which means the staff has great difficulty keeping track of members who are excluded. PokieCasino is one that provides information about a alrge number of the casinos online today. Those they do promote all offer self exclusion and adhere to the laws that are dictated as a result of licensing.

Booking machines allow members to place a bet without ever going to the teller. These machines also have no way of blocking anyone from placing a bet, which means people who have excluded themselves can still place bets. Online betting is also a massive problem, which allows people to place bets online from their own homes or mobile devices. Sure you can block yourself at these online sites, but with so many available it becomes difficult to those who want to gamble.

Self-exclusion works for many, but not everyone. The options available out there are just not effective and can be overstepped very easily. Excluding yourself from online bookers also seemed to be ineffective. Members have been allowed to re-enter the site and place bets, even though they are excluded. A short while ago a member who placed a bet via his telephone account at William Hill attempted to sue them after losing money on a bet when he was excluded. The judge ruled against him and claimed that he could have lost the money anywhere else.

A code of ethics has been produced by the Gambling Commission, which states that the practice of self-help gambling machines like fixed odd machines will not be required to block self-exclusions for the booking house to hold a permit for the machine. The court has also ruled that booking houses are under no law to honour self-exclusions.

Betting houses rely on staff to recognize members who have excluded themselves from booking houses, but it’s extremely difficult when there are multiple members with this status or when those members haven’t been to the booking house in some months, and with the self-service machine available these members can place a bet without ever being seen by the staff.

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