Rugby and Pokie games

The support for the game of rugby has always been a massive attraction for players around the world. Some countries may find rugby more entertaining than others, but those who support the sport tend to go all out and give their favourite team all the support they possibly can. With slot games it’s a very similar story, but also very different as the players for online slots don’t support just a certain group of games. With so many developers available players will find there are many different games available for each player with classic, featured and progressive slot games available.

Rough Rugby

These very developers have taken the time to understand the game of rugby and have now put together a number of games for the rugby supporters out there. The games are available with different developers, which means you will be able to play your favourite rugby slot game from anywhere around the world. The game offer high quality graphics, features and options that everyone will be able to use. In this article we will look at a few games holding a rugby theme along with the features and options they provide.

Odd Shaped Balls

The first game we will be looking at is called Odd Shaped Balls, which has been developed by OpenBet. The game was specifically developed for the world cup. Players were able to enjoy the game since 2007, which took place on 20 pay-lines. The game gives players great bonus symbols and features including scatters, wilds and free spins. The game also provides players the opportunity to win $100,000 within just one spin.

Rough Rugby

Rough Rugby is another rugby theme game that players will find at casino offering a fun theme slot game from Random Logic. The game comes with 15 lines over the 5 reels provided. Players will also find a great amount of features available, which includes a bonus game where players can test their rugby skills and be rewarded with real cash. The game also provides a wild symbol as well as a scatter.

What other things will be found involving Rugby

Well there are many things that can be found with casino around the game of rugby. This includes betting on the game with online bookies being available at most online casinos. This means you are able to create one account play you favourite rugby game slot and then continue to place a bet on your favourite team before the game as well. Because the game is so famous players can expect new features and games based on the sport to always be available.
There are also many other games with sport themes that players will be able to enjoy with online casinos, which means if you are all about the sport available around the world chances are great that you will be able to find a slot game on it. This includes game from rugby through to snooker. The games all offer different features that will suit the sport used better.

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