Russia Loses Betclic As Gambling Operator

Betclic, a French originating gambling firm, have announced that they will be exiting the Russian market. The reason for Betclic electing to leave the Russian market is due to operators have been receiving threats from Russian Prosecutors. This in return has made for a unsettling environment and the decision by terminate all operations offered to Russian players.

Russian Flag

This announcement was made through an email sent by Betclic via their affiliate program. The email, which was sent to affiliates, advised them that they will no longer be accepting new players from Russia. Existing players from Russia will still be able to gamble at Betclic for the time being but this is expected to not continue for long due to the stance Russia is taking against offshore operators. Betclic still operates in multiple other gambling markets throughout Europe.

Recently the Russian government has given prosecutors the right to block offshore gambling websites and threaten those operators with blacklisting their website. This has resulted in many volunteering to leave the Russian market in favor of waiting to see if future regulation will be forthcoming.

Betclic has not made any statements or comments regarding these recent events. We will continue to update you on any new information that is released regarding the future of the Russian market and how it may relate to this developing story.

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