South African Gambling Board

South African Gambling Board

It has been six weeks since all members of the South African Gambling Board was suspended with no reason offered. Only a vague statement that a forensic investigation was pending and that it was a temporary move.

DTI spokesman Sidwell Medupe said at the time that two administrators were being appointed to take care of the National Gambling Board’s needs until such time as the matter has been resolved. He also added that the forensic investigation will cover mainly the National Gambling Board assets and that he was unable to say how long this would take.

Three weeks ago another press release came from South Africa, where no answers were provided by the Minister of Trade and Industry, Rob Davies for the reasons of the suspension. The suspension took place on the 9th of September 2014 and in fact that report stated that the Minister’s statement raised even more questions than answers.

Today, the Minister of Trade and Industry, Rob Davies put forward the extensive list of alleged indiscretions committed by the board members increasing their won remunerations by a shocking 46% in the period from 2013 to 2014. In addition to this, board members spent extensively with in excess of 2.7 million (rand) being spent on travel and overseas conferences in Norway.

Currently, South Africa is in a gambling reform that has the ability to make dramatic changes to the online gambling landscape in the country. The DA is reportedly submitting further parliamentary questions to investigate and determine when completion of the investigation would be and from there criminal charges will the brought against the board members who is found to have participated in the unlawful actions.

On the National Gambling Boards website it is currently stated that South African’s are not allowed to gamble online with international companies.

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