StakeLogic Launches New Mobile Pokie – Football Gladiators


At this year’s ICE Totally Gaming in London, StakeLogic proudly announced the company’s intention to add 17 innovative new gaming titles to the company’s iGaming portfolio. These new games would include a wide variety of themes, amazing graphics, high-quality sound, as well as incredible bonus features. All the titles received an enthusiastic welcoming from the numerous visitors to Novomatic Interactive’s booth.

The video slot, Football Gladiators fired the first round in its opening salvo of 17 new titles, the slot features a licence branded theme with its production conducted as a cooperative effort between Novomatic and StakeLogic. As an omnichannel release, the game became instantly available across multiple platforms including mobile, desktop as well as land-based enterprises.

Football Gladiators

One of the central game heroes, the famous footballer Rio Ferdinand, made an official appearance at the launch of the new slot, Football Gladiators where he met and greeted the multitude of Expo visitors and clientele during an extended autograph signing session in celebration of the public kickoff of this significant 3-D video pokie.

It is highly probable young football aficionados have dreamt of mixing up Roman style Gladiators and modern day footballers and squeezing them into one arena! Since those early thoughts the same young football aficionados grew up, became highly skilled developers and all found work at StakeLogic. They banded together, created their fantasy brainchild in Football Gladiators, the theme of which did exactly that, it took the stars from both sports, and combined them into one single five reel video pokie.

This new game delivers 5 reels and 25 action-filled pay-lines that feature a multitude of bonus features that offer sufficient high-value entertainment to keep players busy in exhilarating gameplay for many hours. In addition to its exciting theme, Football Gladiators delivers an amazing array of 3-D graphics with full high-quality animations imaginatively illustrating both the sports of modern football as well as the ancient art of fighting Gladiators.

In an innovative move, players can choose their own favourite football heroes to do battle against malevolent beasts in the confines of the ancient arena of the Coliseum. Here they will be able to engage in a race against The Dark Knight on its chariot racetrack, with loads of other innovative action offered in this most amazing slot.

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