The Challenge of Understanding How Bonuses Work

Players who are new to online gambling and have started investigating online casinos have without a doubt noticed that every casino is offering bonuses to new players. The online gambling industry is highly competitive and while casinos are competing to hand out the best bonuses, new players can certainly take advantage of the situation and make it work to their benefit, once they understand how the bonuses work and their requirements.

How Bonuses Work

New bonuses are invented continuously by the online casinos in hope of luring new players in, this makes bonuses outstanding as there are so many sites competing. Bonuses is an easy way for the casino to differentiate itself, and once a players accepts and tries the site it might just be easier for them to stay and continue play there. Casinos are most certainly not in the business to hand out free money and there are strict rules in place regarding bonuses.

Welcome Deposit Bonus

The bonus most generally offered is called the welcome deposit bonus and because it is free money offered to the player when the initial deposit of real money is made to the casino, it is worked on a percentage basis. The percentage match is different at each casino and normally starts from 100% upwards with a limit of up to how much the casino is prepared to give for free. These bonuses are focused on the first or initial deposit first although some casinos spreads them over the first few deposits. The benefit of the welcome deposit is that it increases the amount a player can enjoy playing with to almost always double the initial deposit. It is a great way to explore the many casino games.

No Deposit Bonus or Free Play

This is exactly what it sounds like. This bonus option offers the new player a chance to experience the casino, its games and enjoy the general hospitality with no risk at all. The players needs to complete a very quick registration and there is no strings attached. The money allows the player to enjoy gaming at the expense of the casino. The casino feels confident that once the player experience all they have to offer it would be hard to leave without joining the casino family. Again there are rules in place regarding the withdrawal of winnings and some of the bonuses offers a large amount for a limited time. For new players the benefits are that they get to experience what online gambling is all about without spending a cent.

Wagering Requirements

All bonus wins comes with a wagering requirement before it is offered as real money that can be cashed out or withdrawal. The terms and conditions are available at the different casinos sites and players need to educate themselves with the rules. The wagering requirements starts from 10 X times up to 40 X times the bonus amount. On free play or no deposits the withdrawal can also include that a minimum should be deposited in order to Cashout any wins.

Bonuses sure have great benefits for players and once the wagering requirements is properly understood there could be no better way as to experience the exciting world of online gambling and enjoy the additional play made possible by great bonus money.

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