The Power of a Progressive Jackpot

Everyone who has visited a casino either land based or online will have a fair idea of what a progressive jackpot is, but the question we looking at today is the power that such a jackpot holds and what it can provide for the lucky player hitting the right combination at the right time.

What are Progressive Jackpots

Progressive Jackpots are accumulated amounts. The game starts off with a set amount as the jackpot and each player who plays on the game will contribute to the amount. The game takes a small part of the wager per spin and adds it to the amount that players can win.

Progressive Jackpots in land based casinos usually consist a number of machines working off the same network and will give players the same games. There are usually a number of these machine groups set all around a casino floor. Online casinos rarely provide their own jackpots, but will be able to feature the jackpots of developers. Game developers control their own progressive jackpots, which will allow them to share the progressive jackpot among many different casinos around the world. Because the developer controls the jackpot the amount becomes a lot higher as many different players are able to contribute to the amount.

How Progressive Jackpots have changed

When the jackpot feature just started the wager for the games were set high and only players with a large bankroll could afford to play on these games. This also occurred with online games, but the amounts were set a lot lower, but still a little out of reach for most players.

Today however, players will find that some developers like Net Entertainment offer their progressive jackpot games with low wager options. Players have the option to use bets like minimum bet to play and still have a chance to win the jackpot. The only conditions the game may have is that players need to play with all the lines activate, but can use any wager amount. Different developers may have different conditions.

Life Changing Jackpots

The benefits to winning one of these jackpots will change from person to person, but as you can imagine winning one of these amounts will be live changing, especially since the jackpot amounts are now far over the million dollar mark. Some may say that the games are just there to make money and the jackpots almost never payout, but when you look at the stats of some developers you will be amazed how often they do reward people. The amounts are also massive and payout well over the million dollar mark, of course you will also get the smaller jackpots at casinos.

Online Progressive Jackpot Games

As you can imagine there are 100’s of different progressive jackpot games out there and many of them provide massive rewards. The most rewarding and most famous to us would have to be the Mega Moolah pokie from Microgaming. This game has become known as the millionaire maker for the online casino world, recently awarding in excess of $7 million.

Another online game that rewards players with massive payout is developed by Net Entertainment. The game, Mega Fortune, provides its jackpot over a number of different games. It paid out a record breaking jackpot of over $17 million to one lucky player.

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