UK Delays Gambling Act

UK Gambling

The implementation of the United Kingdom’s new UK Gaming Act of 2014 has now been delayed by one month; the new date has been set as to 1 November 2014. The delay was announced as a direct result of the legal challenge from the Gibraltar Betting Association.

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission will not be able to enact the law as previously intended on the 1st of October 2014, but have moved the date to the 1st of November 2014. Gibraltar opposed the law that requires offshore sites to register for UK gaming licenses and pay taxes. This law is now challenged by Gibraltar with the anticipation of having it overturned and an effort to stop operators leaving the UK jurisdiction.

The United Kingdom Commission posted a notice on their website regarding the issue: “Due to a High Court challenge to the Gambling (Licensing and Advertising) Act 2014, DCMS will be taking the necessary steps to postpone this legislation coming into force until 1 November 2014. This will allow a judgment to be made without undue time pressure.”

Gibraltar is part of the British territory ruled by an internal government. This independence has enabled them to make provision for online gambling companies to legally operate within their borders and to set up their own laws. The rules and laws to obtain an online casino licence have strict requirements and companies needs a good track record, solid financial backing and a detailed business plan before they will have the chance to further chances of obtaining a licence.

The new law implemented by the United Kingdom ruled that only Casinos licensed in the UK would be able legally allowed to accept UK players, lead to a large number of Casinos announcing their pulling out from the UK market altogether and have send their UK players elsewhere.

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