Wheel of Light


Wheel of Light takes the action inside a casino of some sort, where users of this arcade game from Playtech get a chance to use their casino chips to place wagers. The game looks high tech and it can be interesting, even though it looks a bit too complicated and busy for its own good.


Graphics & Theme

The wheel of fortune/roulette theme is evident in this game, as soon as it loads. You’re getting a very high tech design though, with lots of things going on at the same time and different places where you can bet on. The wheel in question allows for most of the bets to be placed directly on the wheel, instead of having separate betting options for each section. It makes things crowded and the areas you have to click on are usually quite small. The wheel of light has numbers that go from 0 to 30, the lights appearing next to the numbers as the wheel spins. Inside the wheel, there are more betting options, the first one being a colored layer, with areas in red, green, orange, blue and black. Even farther in, there are the options for betting on number ranges. In the middle of this wheel there are buttons to bet on Hi, Lo, Even or 000. Finally, on the right side, outside the wheel, there are four chips with wager amounts set to $0.20, $1, $5 and $25. Each one has a different color. The Spin button is glowing and placed further to the right side of the screen. It’s an interesting design overall, modern and complicated, but I’m not sure it makes for a great game.

Special Effects

Placing a bet in this arcade game requires for you to move the mouse to the number, color or button you want to activate. First though, you choose one of the four chips of different values, picking it up in the process. You then click on the bet option you want to use, which will place the casino chip on it.

The options start with the obvious choice of numbers, 1 to 31 being on the wheel. You can also place the bet on one of the colors, each one offering a different payout. There is the option to place a bet on the number being higher or lower than the previous result.


Wheel of Light does look like a game you would want to play when you heard about it, but a modern and good looking design doesn’t always take into consideration the accessibility factor. The game just looks too agglomerated.

Theme Winning
Reels N/A
Special Features N/A
Paylines N/A
Bet per line $0.01 – $1000.00
Max bet $1000
Maximum win $30,000
Progressive jackpot No
Theoretical payout N/A
Software Provider Playtech

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