Why Speciality Games Can Be a Welcomed Addition

When most players enter online casinos with the desire to enjoy their favourite game or traditional online games offered, there are other gambling options with great entertainment offered. Casino sites offers a variety of games that can produce real payouts and players who normally enjoys table games will find these very welcome while waiting for their tables to fill up with the required players. The games offered is called speciality games and are mostly mini versions of the original game, able to open on the same screen as any other game.

Speciality Game Variety

A variety of speciality games are offered such as scratch cards, bingo, keno and more. At NetEnt based casinos the scratch card games offers high return to players and offers a variety of 16 games. These includes bubbles, triple wins, Zodiac and more with payout percentages ranging from 85% to 93.30%. Scratch cards or lottery games are all denomination for instant wins and mainly derives from the original cardboard games of the seventies.

Scratch Card Games

The large majority of instant win games consist of digital depiction of real life scratch cards and players can enjoy great graphics and choose a scratch tool, which offers guitar picks, hairclip or even golden coins to unlock their wins with. The cards is offered at a costs starting from 0.50 to 2.00 per card. The cards offers a silver film layer and players can enjoy the game with very real scratch sound effects.

Lottery Games

These are a very special breed of instant win games offered in games such as Treasure Hunt, Marbles and Treasure Hunt. The pay outs of the games is based on cards sold. In the lottery game Marbles the player are required to reveal 3 golden marbles out of a total of 8 blackened marbles. The prize reward can be any amount between €2.00 and €50.000. Not bad as a great additional win while enjoying a table game.

A very exciting lottery game is the Treasure Hunt game offering players 28 regions on an island and includes 6 picks. If all picks shows the skull symbol a bonus bundle of dynamite is granted. The Lost Pyramid offers 36 blocks and players need to find the 7 golden blocks to qualify for prizes up to €100.000.


Appeals to players who loves bingo and rewards with a return to player percentage of 94.2%. The goal is to get 2 to 10 numbers right out of the 20 numbers offered. Keno also offers a bonus round and triggers when 5 or more jokers have been collected. Bonus Keno also offers a Progressive jackpot and offers fantastic play that keeps players entertained for hours on end.

The benefit of speciality games such as Keno, lottery or scratch cards is that the player can play more than one game at the same time, the games awards instant wins with minimum outlay and offers interesting gameplay while the player is busy with his game of choice. The speciality games is also a welcome way of players to experience a new way of online gaming other than the game they normally play.

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