World Series of Poker 2014 Begins

During the last forty five years, the World Series of Poker has been held in Las Vegas. The 45th Annual World Series of Poker is now having their first event showcases at the Las Vegas Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino. Big name poker players such Danny Negreanu will be playing the table’s list year, he alongside other famous poker players will be the players that go to the semi-final event and possibly the final table event.

World Series of Poker

The first event is a five hundred dollars Casino No Limit Texas Hold’Em Tournament. This event will eventually finish and move onwards to the second event which is called “Big One for One Drop”. Those who pass through the second event will move onto the main event, which offers millions of dollars in cash prizes. The main event is where you will see famous poker players betting and folding on their cards.

This year will be the biggest World Series of Poker tournament, over eighty thousand people will be participating in this year’s WSOP. There is over two hundred million dollars in prizes, people must remember that there is only nine positions available at the final table. Eight thousand people down to nine is an incredibly large mountain to climb, whoever wins the tournament will become an instant millionaire.

There are rumors being talked about that the World Series of Poker online site will integrate special promotions and online tournaments relating to the 2014 WSOP. This will be reported on should this be true.

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